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We are an agricultural family business below the Rochlitzer Berg and have switched to organic farming in May 2014. Since then we operate on our 20ha arable land and grassland according to the guidelines of the Gäa Association.

We consciously do not keep livestock, we also do not buy animal fertilizers of any form. Our products are produced vegan.

We grow different cereals, clover grass, potatoes and vegetables. From next year, we will expand our range of cultivation even more.

Our seeds are organically grown and seed-proof. Unfortunately, this is not completely possible with the young plants at present, because especially with different kinds of cabbage often only F1 hybrids (not seed-fixed varieties) are offered. Our long term goal is to produce all the young plants ourselves.

The nitrogen is brought into the crop rotation through legumes: these are plants that, with the help of bacteria naturally occurring in the soil, make mineral nitrogen soluble and accessible to themselves as well as to other plants. Especially the clover grass, a mixture of different legumes and grasses, helps us a lot. Due to the increased biomass structure and the strong rooting creates a fertile by plants Bodengare. As a result, our cultures do not require any synthetically produced nitrogen.

To bring other nutrients to the surface, we are currently experimenting with different types of compost.

We rely on natural regulatory mechanisms, such as antagonists to certain harmful organisms. That is why biodiversity is very important to us. We support these through various measures, such as a diverse crop rotation, diversity of crops, flowering strips, fallow land and as many woody structures as trees and hedges.

All our products are cultivated under ecological conditions, but may only be designated as such if they have been sown / planted 24 months after the start of the conversion.

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