With care and love

from the cultivation to the plate ...

easily said, but what is behind it?

The history of our potatoes begins one year before harvesting
By growing clover grass and making compost out of it, we prepare the ground for the next harvest, increase soil fertility, provide nutrients and activate soil life.

In autumn, seed potatoes are sorted out and stored separately. In addition, additional seed potatoes are ordered: These are controlled, tested for freedom from pathogens, potatoes. By December at the latest we must have decided on variety and quantity. 
At the end of March we place the potatoes in pre-germination boxes and place them in a bright, mild place. This is how even the first shoots emerge and the potato grows faster. 
At the same time, the clover grass is plowed up, and the soil worked until it is feinkrümelig.

Purely with it! - Pure tubers, pure earth

In mid-April, the tubers are finally laid and piled. So that the young plants are not overgrown by wild herbs, we move the accumulated dams several times a year. For this we take her off with the haulage and recharge her with the hunts. 

In July, when the plants have completely covered the ground, it will be a little quieter for us. Conventional potatoes have been subjected to up to 12 treatments ranging from arable to chemical synthetic fertilizers. Also in organic farming are sometimes several times a year, copper preparations for regulating the late blight, and various herbal poisons against the Colorado beetle, which eat the herb of the plant, injected.

We at Biohof Hausmann abstain from chemical fertilizers, preparations or syringes and meanwhile devote ourselves to vegetables.


The harvest

In September it is finally time: The tubers can be harvested!
Last year still using potato sling (born 1936) and handmade.
This we have bought a harvester, which separates the potatoes from the earth and pours on a trailer.

On the trailer, the potatoes stay in the breeze for a day or two, so the wounds created at the harvest heal. Then the potatoes are sorted. Seed potatoes for the next year are sorted out and stored in the cellar.
At low temperatures and high humidity, they stay fresh for a long time. By mid-May, we can put them in your vegetable box on request, or send them to Germany by parcel.


Now it's your turn!

In fact, you have to stand here "With love and care from the field to the sink", because how the potato ultimately comes to the plate you decide. 
There are countless possibilities - your creativity knows no bounds!


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